Country and people

Germans commonly know Sweden as a prime holiday destination. We love the sense of stillness and peace. Everything seems a tad more relaxed. And given its beautiful landscape, it’s no wonder people dream of settling here.

Sweden is known for its innovative society. Among its successful international companies are IKEA, Spotify, Skype and H&M. Swedes tend to be open-minded and practice a lifelong learning mentality. The people are quite agreeable and can be willing to argue until everyone share an opinion.

Sweden is part of the EU and part of the European domestic market. EU citizens are thus able to travel and find work without any hindrances.

You will find relatively little bureaucracy in Norway. When you immigrate, however, you will have to work with authorities to receive the all-important Personal Number (“Personnummer”). For this, the one prerequisite is to have a job in the country, or be in arrangements that take care of one’s living expenses.

Even though most Swedes are fluent English-speakers, they expect immigrants to learn the language and speak with at least basic proficiency. If you look for work in the Swedish labour market, you won’t easily achieve success without solid language skills. The expected proficiency level differs among employers and industries. As a handyman, basic Swedish-skills are enough to get started. Health-care services demand a higher degree of fluency. In language-heavy position such as teaching-jobs, or occupations in commercial markets, it is hard to find success without good Norwegian language skills.

The Swedish language is quite similar to German and thus relatively easy to learn.

No matter if you seek to immigrate within the next couple months or years, no matter if you want to speak Norwegian for work or touristic purposes, we have fitting offers for every lifestyle. Feel free to explore this page for further information or contact us directly through our phone, E-Mail or social media.

Handymen, healthcare workers and mechatronic engineers are in especially high demand, but from experience, we know that mindset and motivation matters most. If these two factors are on solid ground, you can find your footing in any occupation.

Full-time courses

Our full-time courses go from 8:15 am to 3:15 pm Monday to Friday.

Through this intensive schedule, participants achieve a language proficiency of the B1-level within 3 months, while the B2 and C1-level is achieved within 4 and 5 months, respectively. After the course-period, we test each participant with a final exam to hand them their official certificate by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

If requested, we also serve participants with job-coaching and cultural knowledge. Here we take students through common job application processes and help in landing a position in the person’s target-country. In best case scenarios, our participants move to Scandinavia as soon as their course is finished.

For those who are unemployed and registered at the federal agency for work and labour, contact us to learn about opportunities to have your training and courses funded.

Evening courses

In only 13 weeks, we’ll bring your language skills on A1-level. You can also choose to follow up with the A2-level afterward. For those who are interested and already have some proficiency in their target-language, we recommend to get started with the A2-level from the get-go.

Our evening courses are offered 2 times a week and start at time between 5:30 pm and 9 pm, which teacher and student agree upon.

1-on-1 courses

The class schedule can be individually adjusted for each student. It doesn’t matter whether you have basic, advanced or no proficiency at all. We help you to achieve whatever proficiency level you wish to master.

Here, we also offer services that combine the course with job-coaching.

Medicine courses

Healthcare workers are in particular demand in Scandinavian countries and thus deserve their own specialized preparation and language courses. With a broad network of healthcare workers, we are in a perfect position to help you find footing in the Scandinavian market and immigrate successfully.

Our teachers for the Swedish language are Heike, Jörgen, Constanze, Ingegärd Christin, Sina, Jeanette and Meeri.